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LJ250RGB 250mW RGB 15KPPS IM-Text RC Keyboard Laser Light

LJ250RGB 250mW RGB 15KPPS IM-Text RC Keyboard Laser Light
Model: LJ250RGB
Product Description:

Model: LJ250RGB
Description: IM-Text RC Keyboard Laser Light
Laser power output: 250mW RGB (Red 100mW 650nm + Green 50mW 532nm + Blue 100mW 450nm, blended white: 250mW)
Scanner: 15kpss

*Instant impulse text output laser display
*13 characters displayed in one frame
*4000 characters per page from the keyboard, including 26 English characters in capital and lowercase, numbers and common punctuation characters.
*9 pages can be saved into this laser light.
*4 working modes: AUTO mode, Sound Active, Countdown mode, Text editing, playback mode.
*Remote control
*PS2 interface keyboard connection
* Power Supply Bi-Voltage 110V to 220V-250V, 50/60HZ, 20W
* Net Weight 1.8Kg
* Gross Weight: 2.6Kg
*Volume weight: 3.9kg (/5000), 3.3kg(/6000)
*inner box: 328*233*180(0.014cbm) ,carton: 481*343*395(0.07cbm), 4pcs/carton
Application: advertisement, logo, shop, super market, stores, home, hotel, etc.


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