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LXGD115 6*1W RGBYWV Battery RC MP3 LED Crystal Ball Light

LXGD115 6*1W RGBYWV Battery RC MP3 LED Crystal Ball Light
Model: LXGD115
Product Description:
Model: LXGD115
Description: 6pcs*1W RGBYWV Battery MP3 with Remote Control Magic Crystal Ball LED Light
◆With the newest LED technology, this LED light can create an amazing and romantic lighting effects for your place.
◆It has over 200 beams of LED lighting from the transparent case. The beams on the wall looks like hundreds of flowers drifting round and round.
◆Compact and lightweight, exquisite appearance, small size, streamline design, attractive effects.
◆Clear and sharp lighting effects even without fog/smoke
◆Easy to use, plug and play
◆Automatically running once power on
◆Stable working, no hassle on warranty
◆LED power output: 6x1W RGBYWV  (1*1W Red, 1*1W Green, 1*1W Blue, 1*1W Yellow , 1*1W White,  1*1W Violet)
◆long life working hours:20000H
◆Rotation angle: 180°
◆Cooling system: air cool
◆Working environment temperature: 0℃-40℃
◆Operation Modes: AUTO, SOUND ACTIVE, MP3 with Remote control
◆MP3 supports SD card, USB memory stick
◆Input Voltage: 
(1) 90V-240V AC 50-60Hz or 
(2) rechargeable lithium batteries 18650 2000mA/pcs. 1pcs light can be installed 1pcs or 2pcs batteries
(3) Lithium battery is recharging when the light is powered by main power supply
◆LED Light size: 185*185*150mm
◆Net weight: 0.5Kg
◆Gross Weight: 0.8Kg
◆Volume weight: 1.6kg(/5000) on inner gift box, 23.6kg(/5000) on outer carton box.
◆Gift box size: 188x188x157mm(0.006cbm;)
◆Outer carton box size: 580*390*325(0.08cbm), 12pcs/carton

Package including:
1pcs LED ball light
1pcs power cable
1pcs user manual

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