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About Us

Shenzhen Lanling Technology Co., Ltd , one of the most famous leading manufacturers in China, is supplying new advanced professional laser show systems to all customers around the world. With many years in this field, we have accumulated rich experience and valueable technical supports. Whenever and wherever, we never give up our goal, that is to supply high quality, low price and best service to our customers.

We have very wide range laser lights for our customers' selection with 15 series: single laser series, double laser series, Multi-Tunnel Laser Series, color laser series, twinkling laser series, mini laser series, LED laser series, animation twinkling laser series, animation laser series, SD laser series,laser net/curtain series, fat beam laser series, Moving-head Laser Series, laser ball series, and LED lights. Power output is ranging from 20mW to 15W with different colors: red, green, blue, and mixed color. Our laser lights have CE and ROHS approvals. Since we care our customers as we care ourselves, we strictly test and re-test every unit before dispatch. Furthermore, our company put great investment to developing new items. Up-to-date technology will make our laser lights more beautiful and make our life more colorful. Once you need us, we are here for you. 

Now, besides more focus on laser show systems, Lanling is also emerging on the stage LED lights market. We will manage to release more and more new LED lights in the time to come.

Our stage equipments can be widely used in DJ (deejay), disco, stage, KTV, family party, night club, pub, bar, band, home, hotel, wedding, christmas Party, entertainment areas, trade shows, fairs, theatres, company logo advertisement, etc. Only imagination sets the limits!

We can also corporate with by doing OEM and ODM products for your company. Our principle is "Quality Products, Excellent Service, Competitive Price and Prompt Delivery". We are now looking forward to even greater cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual benefits. Please feel free to contact us or visit our website for more information!

深圳市蓝凌星光科技有限公司 ,专业舞台激光灯制造商之一,为各地客户提供最新的最先进的专业激光表演系统。多年在这一领域,我们已经积累了丰富的经验和有价值的技术支持。无论何时何地,我们永远不会放弃我们的目标,那就是为我们的客户提供高品质,低价格和最好的服务。   
我们的激光灯产品多样,可供客户选择,   目前一共   15   系列:单投激光系列,双投激光系列,多投激光系列,三色激光系列, LED+   激光系列,满天星激光系列,迷你激光系列,动画满天星激光系列,动画激光系列,   SD   卡激光系列,光网   /   窗帘系列,粗光斑激光系列,摇头激光灯系列,激光魔球系列,以及   LED   灯。输出功率从   20mW   到   15W   用不同的颜色:红色,绿色,蓝色,混合色。我们的激光灯有   CE   和   ROHS   认证。我们有严格的测试流程。公司每年都投资开放新的产品。有了最新的技术,使得我们的激光灯更美丽,让我们的舞台更加丰富多彩。只要您有需求,我们将竭诚为您服务。   
我们的舞台设备,可广泛使用的   DJ   ,的士高,舞台,   KTV   ,家庭聚会,夜总会,酒吧,酒吧,乐队,家庭,酒店,婚庆,圣诞联欢会,娱乐区,展销会,博览会,剧院,公司标志广告,等等。   
我们可以做   OEM   和   ODM   。我们的原则是“优质产品,优良的服务,竞争力的价格,交货及时”。我们正期待着更大的合作与海外客户在互惠互利的基础。请随时与我们联系或访问我们的网站了解更多信息!